Cabling for electronic devices, security and power saving devices in the home can be easy, certain wires are made to be user friendly and lets the wire work to best use. Cabling can be used for entertainment and for security!


The purpose of an electrical cable is to convey electrical energy from the point of where it is sourced to a point where the electrical energy is required. For this to be a safe and reliable source the cables need to be wired in a way that meets certain requirements ie; voltage rating, current capacity. 

 When you move into a new house you must install cable conduits everywhere, this must include places you may use in the future. Cable conduits are separate from electrical conduit and are used to run speaker wire, video cable, and network cable. There are some cables that do not need to be incased in conduit and can be laid directly under plaster. Two expamples of these are Surfix and flat-twin-and-Earth cables If you intend on having outside wiring it is recommended that you use UV resistance wiring and bury it 45cm.

When wiring a new house it is very important to circuit the motherboard correctly, this will help avoid any overload thart would trip the electricity. Most wiring on circuit boards are colour coded so it is useful to learn these. 

Natural energy is also a new viable option in peoples houses; it is highly recommended that proffessionals must be involved in the wiring of solar energy as it can be a very complicated process. 

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