Common home security system problems to avoid

Common home security system problems to avoid
Alarm systems are a vital tool for protecting your family and home. However, correctly installing, maintaining and using these systems are not as straight-forward as most would assume. Ensure you are aware of these common errors in home alarm system use to make sure you get the most out of your alarm system’s security potential.

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Incomplete security coverage of the home is a common error in home security. Many homeowners fail to take account of the less obvious areas of the home that may be vulnerable to invasion by a home intruder. It is clear that large windows, front doors or main rooms in the house need to be secured with an alarm system, but less obviously vulnerable areas are often ignored. Make sure you think like a potential intruder when you decide where to install alarm points in your home. Bathroom windows, backdoors, or laundry rooms are examples of the kind of areas you need to cover in your security plan.

Poorly calibrated alarm systems are another common home security problem. Homeowners will often choose set their alarm systems to a dangerously low level of sensitivity to avoid incidences of ‘false alarms’. Doing this may result in less of a hassle, but could make your property and family more vulnerable to dangerous home intruders who know how to trick a poorly calibrated system.

Another common, and easily avoidable, home security weakness is having alarm passwords that are easy to guess or telling people besides immediate family members or trusted friends your alarm password. It is vital to ensure that your password is complex enough to avoid it being guessed by an intruder. Using birthday dates, addresses ages, or phone numbers as passwords are therefore not a good idea. Ensure only those who will need to know how to activate and deactivate the alarm system have access to the password. It is also important not to write down your password and leave it in an accessible place.