Common Alarm Problems

Common Alarm Problems
Making sure that we use our alarm systems is something that we need to be reminded about, it always the small things that we forget to do when we become too relaxed with your system. These tips will give you some extra help for later.

  1. Lost power supply: Make sure that you have backup batteries for your system, you are really going to want your system to stay on when the power goes out. These are the type of issues we need to remember leaving the house and tunring the leaving the alarm on. 
  2. Battery Failure: Batteries always need a replacing once in a while, someitmes when an alarm system runs completely down during a power outage they lose their ability to hold charge, check your battery when the power is out and if it is not call your alarm agency to replace it. 
  3. If a part of yournhouse is not being triggered it is usually a wiring issue, this will have to be fixed by a proffesional.
  4. If you add new addtions to your home keep your alarm system updated with this. New doors or windows must be fitted with security systems as you are adding on. 
  5. Make sure that all your system parts are intergrated, whe we are constantly installing we forget that some of our original parts are not as up to date. 


Contact a proffesional in your area on our page for the help you need.