Colour Consultants: Choosing the perfect hue for your home

Colour Consultants: Choosing the perfect hue for your home
The function of a colour consultant is to know the effects and atmosphere given off by certain colours and, based on this knowledge, give clients advice when it comes to choosing colour schemes for their home. Colour consultants will interpret the design goals of a client into an array of colours that reflect those goals.

Colour psychology is one of the main areas of expertise of a colour consultant. They combine this knowledge with knowledge of current trends and colour design theories to choose the right colours for your home.

Still not convinced that you could benefit from a colour consultant? Here are a few pointers on how they can add to your home’s design:

Colour consultants are up to date with both current colour trends, and classic colour options.

New trends in colour, when applied to your home, can give it a contemporary and fresh atmosphere. Colour consultants are in touch with new developments in colour available to homeowners, and can guide homeowners towards making trendy choices that reflect their design tastes. If new trends in colour aren’t to a homeowner’s liking, colour consultants can introduce classic colour options that reflect specific design goals.

Colour consultants know which colours to choose to suit the age demographics of users of a particular room, or the functions of a room.

The colour scheme of a room should change depending on whom the room is for, or what function the room fulfils. Colour consultants know how to choose colour to suit a young child’s room, a teenager, or a grandparent, and are aware of how the colour of a room can reflect its function. For example, simple whites and blues in a bathroom give of a sense of cleanliness and freshness that suit the functionality of a room purposed for hygiene.

Finally, colour consultants can introduce you to colour ideas you may never have imagined. They push design boundaries homeowners may not have thought to cross.

Combining colours, using unusual colours, implementing pops of colour and the use of colour in furniture, fabrics and appliances, are all areas of a colour consultant’s expertise. Colour consultants can help homeowners take risks and discover new design possibilities.