Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning


Commercial cleaning services can range from the simple clean of the office to the cleaning of commercial environments such as car dealerships, hospitals, gymnasiums, and more.  There is a cleaning service to suit any commercial environment.

Services Provided by a Commercial Cleaning Company:

Commercial cleaning companies are able to provide services that suit all kinds of commercial environments, from retail to hospitality, to medical, learning institutions and more.  Some of the services that they may provide include:

·         window cleaning

·         carpet cleaning

·         general office/commercial cleaning

·         spring cleans

·         sanitary services

·         provision of consumables (such as for the bathrooms)

·         rubbish collection

·         tile and grout cleaning

·         buffing and polishing of hard floors

·         pest removal

·         maintenance services

·         office supplies

·         shredding of office documents

·         recycling services

·         company mats

·         lawn and garden maintenance

·         cleaning of common areas

·         car park cleaning

·         computer cleaning

·         kitchen and toilet cleaning

·         graffiti removal

·         stripping and sealing floors

·         pressure cleaning

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company  

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, ask for a quote.  The quote should be obligation free and of no cost to you. Make sure you establish this in your first communication with them whether on the phone, email or even in person.  Ensure that the quote covers all the services that you require and includes all costs such as cleaning materials and travel.  As well as the quote, you should make sure that the company has public liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. Relevant certificates should be made available to you upon request.

The company should be able to make references available to you, and preferably  the employees should be verified by the police as they are coming into your private space or institution.  This is for security and peace of mind.  The employees should also wear identification badges, or be able to make their identification available on request.

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

Commercial cleaners will typically base their charges on the size of your premises coupled with the nature of cleaning required. Sanitary services will typically carry a premium over general cleaning of an office for example. All tasks need to clearly set out for your commercial cleaner - preferably in writing so that there is clarity on what needs to be done from both sides!

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