Builders Clean Up

Builders Clean Up
After you have done some renovating in your house there is always debris dust and other types of leftover dirt from the build. These contaminants are heavy and difficult to clean without the proper equipment and materials. Without a proper clean up taking place there could be serious health risks for your family, So you have to be very precision and thoughtful when you clean after builders.

Cleaning up after the Builders have left.

Post Builder clean ups are imperative. Cleaning the windows after a build can be a very difficult job, this is usually because the windows are installed at the very beginning of the build. After the window frames and glass are installed, builders begin to use plasters, primers, paints, latex and many other building materials. The builders often leave protective patches on the glass after they finish which leaves glue on the window this can be very difficult to remove without a proper procedure. Fill a bucket with warm water and add a cleaning agent (recommended agents are usually non-toxic enviromentally friendly as most people will touch the window).

When cleaning the walls it is important to take note of the different ways to clean. If it is painted walls the the job should not be too difficult, these are usually coated for an easy clean afterwards. but do not over do this as it may damage the paint. If you have wallpaper there is washable and non-washable types, washable wallpaper can usually be cleaned in a similar fashion to painted walls but always look at the manufacturers guidlines before cleaning. If non-washable wallpaper has any spots or marks on it then it is usually recommended to dust it.

One place that is always forgotten when cleaning is taking place is the plug sockets, these can be easily cleaned with a common household detergent and a cloth, spray the detergent on the cloth then clean.