Top tips for carpet cleaning

Top tips for carpet cleaning
Carpet flooring can lend a sense of comfort and warmth to a home that hardwood, tile or cement floors often do not achieve. However, keeping one’s carpets clean and stain free can be a challenge as there is no single method for removing different types of stains. Follow this guide to boost your carpet-cleaning skills and know what to do with particular types of spills or marks on your carpet flooring:

Whatever the cause or type of stain, remember to blot the mark to remove it rather than scrub or rub it. Blotting is the correct method of stain removal because it puts the least amount of pressure on the stain and does not push it deeper into the carpet. Rubbing should also be avoided because it can damage the fibres of your carpet if you are too rigorous.

For beer and wine stains, in particular, soda water is often an effective counter-measure. The damaged area should be blotted with soda on a cloth until the stain begins to lift. A mixture of water mixed with white vinegar in a spray bottle sprayed on the affected area can also relieve the stain. After spraying the solution on the stain, let it rest for up to 15 minutes and then blot the area with a sponge to soak up the stain and water-vinegar mixture.

Shaving cream can also be an effective stain removal and can remove a variety of stains. Apply the shaving cream to the stain and let it sit for up to 30 minutes. After the shaving cream has set it can be blotted away with a cloth and the area can then be sprayed and wiped with the vinegar and water solution.

Chewing gum can easily become lodged into carpet flooring and is often difficult to remove without damaging the carpet fibres. To remove a blob of chewing gum with minimum damage to your carpet, use some ice cubes to freeze the gum for longer than 30 seconds, after which it can be gently lifted with a spoon.

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