How to choose the perfect living room carpet

How to choose the perfect living room carpet
A soft, comfortable carpet adds to the atmosphere of a relaxing family space where parents and children can come together after a busy day. Choosing the right kind of carpet that looks on trend, but is also practical for a family area, can be a challenge. Have a look at these simple guidelines to find the perfect carpet to suit your living room:

Living Room Carpets, the perfect choice.

Ensure your carpet has an adequate amount of padding for comfort and durability. Without padding, your carpet will be more susceptible to wear and tear than carpets with a thick layer of protective padding. Carpet padding, which is often constructed from foam or rubber, also acts as insulation to control the temperatures in your home and provides a layer to mask any bumps or imperfections on your flooring to give the carpet a move a smooth, uniform appearance. In addition to this, padded carpets provide sound insulation and thus aid in noise control.

Consider the wide variety of carpet styles available to you before you make a choice and don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual fabrics or styles of carpet. Some carpet styles to consider include plush, textured, frieze, Saxony and Berber carpets. Each style has different characteristics that make it more suited to some specific lifestyles over others. For example, plush carpeting is soft and luxurious underfoot, which is perfect for adults who want their living room to reflect a relaxing and calm environment but may not be suited to families with young children or pets as stains and spills are difficult to clean out of the thick fabric.

Finally, make sure you are aware of the maintenance requirements of your carpet. Stain resistant carpets or hardier fabrics are the best options for families with children or pets. Colours should also be chosen wisely as light colours, like white or beige, will show stains immediately and are not practical for households with pets or children. 

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