Post 60 Build it Journey

on 10-11-2016 Painting, Plastering & Rendering
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Post 60 Build it Journey

Blog Post 60

I woke up much refreshed and raring to go today. The weather dawned hot and so I opted for shorts with my Salomon trainers and after a quick breakfast at the local Steer franchise I met with Martin Nuttal at Parys Build It. Martin was a good guy and we had a good meeting. I then headed to Orkney and I have to tell you that the straight roads in this part of South Africa rival anything that the Karoo has to offer. I wish I had measured the one straight road, as I am sure that it went on for 50 kms!

In Orkney I first met General Manager Joshua Munaka who left me to go through the listing with the very friendly and engaging Koos Ackerman. Joshua came to listen for a bit and all in all it was a successful store visit with Orkney Build It.

It was then Wolmaransstad to meet with Jackie Van Wyk who was very patient and kind and I also got to meet Ben Kellerman who is the manager of the Wolmaransstad Build It. Then it was time for some excitement at the next stop which was the Bloemhof Build It.

I met with manager Angelo Joubert who was one hell of a great guy. As we were going through his store’s listing though he was alerted to a suspicious character in the store. He asked for a pause and on their excellent CCTV system he zoomed in to someone who was definitely acting suspiciously. The camera and picture was as sharp as any normal TV and there right in front of our eyes we saw this bad bloke slip a hammer into his pants.

Without a moment’s hesitation and absolutely no concern for his safety Angelo leaped from his seat and went through to the aisle where the thief was and with me with a perfect view of proceedings on the TV monitor watched Angelo bundle the shoplifter out of the shop with some choice words following his exit. He returned calm as could be as if he had just done some pricing for an enquiring customer. He was straight back into listening mode and I completed going through the listing with him.

If anyone is reading this from Build It Head Office trust me this man deserves a medal or some kind of award/prize. I thought how he handles everything was incredibly brave and exemplary. I asked Angelo about reporting the man to the police and having him arrested but he said sadly it was a complete waste of time. That is a bit of a poor indictment on our law and justice system but at least we have people like Angelo to sort the bad guys out. Well done Angelo and thanks for allowing me to take a picture of you for the daily blog. You are a hero my man!

Last stop was Christiana to meet with the lovely Chanel who is a very sweet person. We went through Christiana Build It’s listing and all was good. I found digs quite easily in Christiana and although a bit lonely as I am in a self-catering unit which is very quiet at least I have a calm environment to do all my admin and emails. Unfortunately, there is no wi-fi here so I am not sure when you will get this blog. Adios Amigos.