Post 58 Build it Journey

on 07-11-2016 Building & Construction
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Post 58 Build it Journey

Blog Post 58

I slept in a tent last night albeit one with a bed and a kitchen in it which was fun. It also had a little deck but sadly I did not make enough use of all the facilities as all I did was work on my computer, then read my book, had a simple supper and into bed. The good thing was I slept well and woke up fresh and happy. Today’s Friday and I had a good busy day before arriving in Johannesburg to spend the weekend with friends and hopefully watching a Protea and Springbok victory. One must always live with hope!

So again not too much to report but hard work and lots of driving. I did meet lots of nice people though;

I started with Magalies Build It where I had a great meeting with the lovely Sunica and also said hi to owner Jose. Sunica is just the nicest person and I think Build It should give her an award as Build It’s friendliest staff member smiley

Then it was a bit of a stop and go drive to meet Ricardo Baptista who is a legend as a person and as a businessman. He owns seven Build It’s which is remarkable. He has also kept humble and is a kind person who had an awesome manner. Thanks Ricardo for a great visit and for helping me. You are one good guy for sure.

In no time at all I was meeting with Jose Teixeira and Allen Dodgen at Batavia Build It and thanks Allen for going through the listing with me. You are a great guy too.

Another short drive through bustling Soweto found me at Vlakfontein Build It to meet with owner Marko and manager Agostinho. I hope I got that spelling right. If not please forgive me. I had another solid meeting and good lead results and then headed for the last meeting of the day at Bolani Build It with Irene Desa who has to be the most beautiful lady I have seen in my life. So taken was I by her beauty that I became very bold and told her how beautiful she was. I simply could not help it. Irene was fantastic and all my mutterings did not put her off her stride and she patiently and kindly went through Bolani Build It’s listing with me.

I was quite close to Johannesburg now or maybe even in it so having done five Build It’s today and 19 for the week plus about 2,400 kms I am done. Going to have a few beers this weekend and carry on on Monday. It’s been a busy week but a good one. The Northern Cape has some spectacular scenery, unbelievable nighttime sky with all the twinkling stars and it’s been a great privilege to travel through it. As I finished off last night we all need to pray for rain. Have a great week end everyone smiley