Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct provides guidelines and sets expectations for both Businesses listed on the Website (Businesses) and Visitors using the Website (Visitors), to help maintain the integrity of the marketplace and ensure both Business and Visitor experiences are beneficial.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Businesses and Visitors will be polite, courteous and honest in all interactions.
  2. Businesses and Visitors will not engage in any misleading, discriminatory or offensive behaviour toward each other or toward TDC staff at any time.
  3. Businesses and Visitors will be reasonable, responsive, helpful and timely in their interactions to fulfil the intended objectives of both parties.
  4. Businesses will honour prices quoted and obligations agreed to.
  5. Businesses and Visitors will arrive on time for agreed appointments.
  6. Businesses will deliver quality and professional services/ work in line with professional standards or product instructions.
  7. Businesses will complete the service or work that has been quoted and paid for.
  8. Businesses will comply with applicable safety regulations.
  9. Visitors will pay the fees agreed for the services delivered.
  10. Businesses and Visitors will ensure our Ratings and Reviews guidelines are followed when posting reviews.

Breaching this code of conduct can result in warnings or termination, subject to our Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use.

Date Update: 22-03-2022 9:42 am