What to do if fire damage affects your home

What to do if fire damage affects your home
If your home has suffered fire damage, knowing the correct steps to take both immediately and a few days after the fire can save you a lot of stress and expense. Here are some easy tips on what to do immediately after a fire has occurred on your property in order to minimise the damage and make the restoring process easier and more effective:

Firstly, homeowners should assess the extent of the damage and in cases where damage has only occurred in a small area and is not too extensive, professional services may not be necessary. However, if the home is dangerous to enter after a fire, professionals should be called.

After a fire, make sure you keep movement in your home to a minimum. This will prevent particles of soot and ash from being stamped into carpeting and will limit the spreading of soot from one room to another. In areas where you simply have to walk, put down old towels or blankets to provide a clean thoroughfare.

Additional measures to take immediately after a fire are to change any air conditioning or heating filters, as these will most likely be clogged with ash and soot. You can also place cheesecloth or another filtering material over air registers or ventilation grates in your home to prevent soot and ash from collecting inside of them.

After a fire emergency in your home, make sure you do not attempt to clean any hazardous electrical appliances that may have been in close proximity to the flames. Rather, contact a repair professional as live wires could have become exposed during the blaze.

When it comes to cleaning away soot, TSP or tri-sodium phosphate can be mixed water to create a cleansing solution that can be applied with a sponge to wipe down walls. To remove any residue from fire extinguishers, you will need to use a shop-hired super-strength vacuum.

Finally, one of the best ways to manage the odour of smoke and fire after burning has occurred in your home, simply keep door and windows open as much as possible. Fresh air must be allowed to circulate through your home as much as possible.