Post 53 Buidl it Journey

on 01-11-2016 Carpentry & Cabinets
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Post 53 Buidl it Journey

Blog Post 53

Another good day today. I had to do some much needed repairs on my car today and after doing this the quality of my trip, life and car improved dramatically. All the driving over rocky dust roads and potholes had rendered my car into a jolting shaking mess which was so unpleasant that eventually I could not drive faster than 100 kms an hour without thinking that all four wheels were about to come off and having the car shake uncontrollably. I also had to sort out a few parts for my air conditioner, which had become blocked. So all in all my car is now back to normal which is happy days.

It was now about lunchtime but I embarked on store visits so I could get a few hours off to sort out my property in Cape Town, which has been drastically overvalued by the council and as a subsequence, my rates have gone up dramatically. Anyway back to Build It and first stop was the very beautiful and stunningly laid out TrenDIY Willowbridge store. I met with the very friendly and accommodating store manager William and he was incredibly excited to see the results of his stores listing on our site. Their leads and visits were a record so far in all the stores I have visited which is about 150. I forgot to write down the number of visits and leads and the wi-fi where I am writing this is not sufficient to go onto the internet to go and see but it was around the 500 visit and 250 leads mark. Amazing and exciting to see how well our site is working for Build It, TrenDIY and all the other businesses listed with us.

I then did the shortish drive to Cape Gate Build It  - another impressive store where I met with Craig Cerff who patiently went through his listing with me. More good results and another successful day on the trip. I now have the weekend to rest a bit before some big drives in the following week or two. Looking forward to it smiley