Post 28 Build it Journey

by on 14-09-2016 Painting, Plastering & Rendering
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Post 28 Build it Journey

Blog Post 28

It was not the earliest start this morning as I could only get breakfast at 8 am at my digs which was Eagles Ridge Country House about 7 kilometres outside Stutterheim. More of the same scenery wise around here with everything lush and green. It was pretty fresh this morning and I really enjoyed the crisp air and slight accompanying chill.

I had had a very nice evening with my hosts Alan and Hester Steyn who allowed me to come and watch the US Open men’s final replay with them (tennis) and what a game it was. One of the best I have ever watched. If anyone reading this watched it I am sure you will agree. We also had an awesome chat about lots of varying subjects and a particularly interesting conversation about Christianity and many branches and offshoots from that. What an interesting couple and I really enjoyed my chilled evening lying on huge cushions on the floor, chatting, watching tennis and playing with their 3 sweet and boisterous Chihuahua’s. Ha ha, such funny little thingssmiley Thanks Alan and Hester for being so kind and for an awesome evening.

After more chatting with Alan I set off to meet Brian Braun the owner of Boardman’s Build It in Stutterheim. We had a good look through his listing and things went very smoothly. It was then a very long drive too Burgersdorp  - 281 km’s – which would have been very tough had the scenery not been quite as beautiful. The sun also came out after some drizzle and soon enough there were bright blue skies. With the tunes playing in Radio Algoa (I am not missing East Coat Radio one bit with all there finding fugitives and cell phones ringing when songs are playing – you know what I am talking about) and lovely distant mountains and fields to gaze upon the drive was not too bad.

I was relieved though to visit with Andre the owner and then with Jana the manager of their Gariep Build It store. Jana was so busy but was enormously patient and kind to go through her listing with me and she was soon won over on what our site can do for their store.

It was then off to the bigger town in the area Aliwal North with more stunning scenery (I can’t stop – it really is unbelievably beautiful around here). I met with manger Jean at the Aliwal Build It and again there was more patience with me as we went through his listing together. Thanks Jean for a great visit in your impressive store.

There is quite a remote town called Sterkspruit right up on the Lesotho border so I thought I would head towards there and find a place to sleep for the night after a lot of driving today. It was also getting late in the day and I managed to secure a room in Lady Grey. More of that in tomorrow’s blog.

All is good.