Post 25 Build it Journey

by on 08-09-2016 Building & Construction
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Post 25 Build it Journey

Blog Post 25

After a good night’s rest in Ebony Lodge’s tranquil surroundings I was on my way early through the rolling and hutted hills of the Transkei. I always love how the huts are painted a myriad of colours and hues. I really love the light blues to bright pinks sprinkling the landscape with wonderful splashes of colour.

First stop was Viedgesville Build It where I met with the manager Charles. It was an interesting visit though as just before I got there the police stopped me and had my vehicle and license checked. Fortunately, I am a law abiding citizen and I was allowed to get back on my way without too much fuss or fanfare. In fact, the police officer was very polite.

I was really enjoying my morning driving along as I had had a hearty breakfast – not something always on offer on this trip – and had made a cappuccino for the car which I had sipped on earlier. The day was stunning with deep blue skies I only ever see in this country and Perth in Australia. I arrived in Idutywe and visited manager Frank in his impressive Build It store. Frank was very interested in the site and he afforded me lots of quality time to go through everything and get his listing just right. A very friendly man Frank was and I left his store feeling very right about everything.

It was then off to Centani where first I met with Johan and then Hendrik who were both very kind and patient with me. I loved Centani with its outdoor hairdressers and relaxed atmosphere. Although there were people all over the pace somehow it has a most relaxed atmosphere. Maybe because it’s the last town before the coast and a few holiday destinations I am not sure but although maybe not an ideal stop over for the night kind of place it had a good friendly vibe.

One random thing I noticed was a goat walking around and acting exactly like a stray dog. No owner in site and minding its own business. Negotiating the road traffic and hustle and bustle of the busy sidewalks. No care in the world and totally its own boss. I was so taken by the goat that I even took a picture of it smiley

I then had some decisions to make as to go one way would leave me stranded without a secure place for the night so I headed for the coast and thought I would spend a night there. So I find myself at Wavecrest which is a very beautiful destination on the banks of the Nxaxo and Ngqusi rivers which combine just before flowing out into the ocean. There is a cluster of rondavels facing the sea and a lovely relaxing area for all to use. And lo and behold a full size snooker table. How they got it here is beyond my limited imagination but it truly is magnificent – and huge!

Only two slight drawbacks are that I am literally the only guest here – the staff are very friendly so it’s not eerie and then sadly the wind has been absolutely howling. So much so that after a 15-minute walk I literally had to call it quits. I was about to get blown away and anyone that knows the beach will agree that wind, sand and walking are not compatible bedfellows. I drank a lot of tea and felt a little bit sorry about things as I did have a few hours today in the afternoon to relax and my way of relaxing is to do exercise and be active. There was none of that though but I am in good spirits with the sun setting as I write this. Would be good to be here with some friends or a partner to have a few laughs and drinks but not going to happen tonight smiley

Another beautiful skyline is presenting itself for all that have the wisdom to watch. These most beautiful manifestations of nature that occur daily and that we all take far too much for granted. Truly the best things in life are free.