Special offers in Sharonlea

12% Off Special Offer on "Paving Services" Discounted to all our prospective clients who wish to benefit from our reduced "Paving Services" by signing up or call out for Quote Prices Request on our guaranteed lucrative reduced deals and quality services from 03 September 2019 to 28 November 2019. All our services offered and claimed under our reduced 12% offer include fix and supply materials with 40% advanced deposit upfront payment for our all exclusive Paving Services while 15% TAX is also included in the quote prices and for all prospective loyalty clients who opt to be user friendly interface for special offer service products provided!

10% off special offered only for quote prices approved for any building quote category services above +R50 000 exclusive signed non painting services with signed on Mon - Frid as from 08h30-04h30. This product service will be provided on quarterly basis to market our brands services to all our target audience. This service promotion is used to build our assured long term customer relationship as well to drive our continued business neighbourhood growth. Only the discounted special offer will be used as our benchmark to reduce our service products at any point in time should they remain in existence. This special offer is guaranteed only to customers who opt to use our product services. The discount special offer is however, promotional and may lapse should economies of scale depreciate thereby pushing product prices high. Nevertheless, consideration would be taken care off in order to be maintain assured service quality and high standard as per our service provision. Interested customers need to call directly to qualify for special offers, request a quote price, approve and sign in the service quote price requested in order to qualify and claim our limited monthly 8% discount service special offers before it lapse on monthly bases. Should the discount special offer not appear on the total quoted price, a rebate will be applied to rectify omission. The Product Service Code for special offers is SPO11T5 will be used to claim 10% discount special offers. Special offers are applied for all customers who accept our quote prices on signature only irrespective of project service requested by any potential respective customers. The discount special offers will be used to build consistent customer loyalty as well as a relationship care key driver. Only the 10% discount special offer prove of omission will be rebated. Special offers are not guarantee and should not be used to disadvantage the company's strategic long term business objectives.