How do I use this website?


You may find a local HomeImprovement Speciliast as follows:

  • search using your postcode to check out suppliers near you
  • search by keyword for a specific business or service
  • browse by category if you are looking for a specific type of provider
  • browse by location, starting with your state and using Google Maps to narrow down to the providers in your local area

Can I book an appoinment or find a quote through you?

No, we only provide the contact details, it is up to you to contact the provider directly and make any arrangements to book an appoinment or request a quote directly with them.

Do I pay homeimprovement4u.co.za any fees?

No, our services are free. As a provider you can also list your activity for free. We do however, have costs to cover so we do charge for advertising, featured listings and in certain cases we may receive affiliate commissions.

How do I give feedback?

You can use our contact form to get in touch to give us feedback of any nature or just ask us a question.

I had a bad experience with a provider?

Homeimprovement4u.co.za merely provides the listing and facilitates contact.  Homeimprovement4u.co.za is not a booking engine (yet) and as such is not in a position to be responsible for what happens once you have made contact with the provider. If you have had a bad experience please let us know and we will follow up to either modify or remove the listing.

How do I add my home improvement business?

Create an account – login in and add your information in the fields provided.  Alternatively, you can send an email using our contact us form and we will add your information for you.

I have added my business but I cannot see it?

Each activity added to our website is manually approved to ensure it is available in South Africa, is grammatically correct and does not contravene our basic listing standards with respect to language and various other factors. Homeimprovement4u.co.za understands the importance of maintaining accurate and quality listings.

Depending on volumes, most listings should be approved within 24 hours of submission.

Can I change or update my details?

Yes, login using the details you set up your account with and you can make the changes yourself. Alternatively, contact us with the details and we will make the changes for you. Changes or updates received via email may take longer to process. Changes are moderated as required for quality.

Why are my details on your website when I can’t remember adding them?

Your business may be listed because a member of your staff listed you, or you were identified as important and relevant to the local community and information that was already public was used to create the listing. You might want to update or add information to your listing to improve it or advertise with us. Check out the advertising options here.

Can I copy your website?

We would prefer that you contact us before copying anything off our website to understand what your objectives are? We do run "copy" alerts to find content that has been duplicated from our site elsewhere on the web. Our resources guides are protected by copyright.

How do I get more customer testimonials?

1. We suggest sending an email to ask your loyal customers to write a review on your listing page.

2. We know that reviews are an important factor in the decision making process of your visitors. The more reviews and details of your business offering, the more likely the visitor is to engage with you.

3. Customer testimonials and reviews are an important factor in our decision making process. Why are we counting this in your listing score?

· Testimonials build trust
· Visitors considering your business against your competitors will be much more inclined to make a purchase from you if you can provide endorsements from your existing customer base.
· They help us overcome buyer scepticism.
· Testimonials allows users to better understand your business offering, products and services.
· Testimonials demonstrate your value to your customers.

So go ahead and ask your loyal customers to tell your visitors how great your business is!