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Do you have a business property or domestic dwelling that can be run on on up to 7,5kVA generator and some solar panels that can keep on yours lights and few plugs for essential services Then l can do the the necessary modification on your dB so that your have a a changeover switch for you have electricity from mains or generator or solar only at a time Call for installation ,modification or recommendations

With the cost of electricity ever going up and make it hard for business to grow,so make sure the lights will be on, only if there is someone in the area and they go off as soon there is no one in that particular space We will nstall for you the ceiling mounted motion sensor to control the situation

It is important to have lights even when there is loadshedding,we do install special solar lights that will keep property,house,factory etc lighten up for security.we will install these solar lights on walkways, corners and entrances