Nursery tips

Nursery tips
There are always a few things that we forget when we have our own nursery and kid, the simple things that sometimes in your moment of tiredness you may forget. So here is a little bit of help for those who just need a few extra cleaning tips

The bed

Babies need a clean place to sleep, this is not only compared to their usual mess, this is general. Even if your baby has had a really good few days and has not thrown up in his crib for 4 or 5 days, it is still very important to change the bedding. Drool, sweat and minor diaper leaks can cause build up of unseen baceria and could be very harmful to the baby. 


Making sure that you pack away the toys is very important, this is so that if you are ever carrying the baby you wont trip and fall with him/her in your arms. Another important thing to remember when packing up and cleaning is to give the toys  a disinfect and a clean off, we all know that the toys land up in their mouths enough for it to be a worry. 


Even if you are in a rush make sure to do all the checks needed when using certain types of detergent in your babies room, eco-friendly and child friendly is always recommended just incase of an emergency, also if the nursery room is too small the noxious chemicals could compromise the air.