The perfect garden plants for a hot and humid climate

The perfect garden plants for a hot and humid climate
During hot summer seasons, humidity and temperature increases can take their toll on your garden and cause many plants to wilt and die under the strain of a hot climate. A lack of sufficient water, humidity and intense sunshine are all factors to consider if you live in a hot climate and are choosing plants to populate your garden with. Here are some tips on which plants you should consider if your local climate requires hardy vegetation that can withstand extreme environments.

Cacti are an obvious choice for a hot climate. The cactus is designed to thrive in desert environments and therefore needs very little water and does not wilt under intense sunshine. Another benefit of cacti is that they often bloom colourful flowers, which brings a touch of brightness and life to a garden. 

Salvia is the largest genus in the mint family and is a bright, flowering plant that flourishes in hot climates. Salvia plants have large red flowers and broad, dark green leaves. Despite being designed to grow well in high temperatures, they do require a lot of hydration and will, therefore, need to be supported with regular watering in order to survive in a hot, dry climate.

One of the most popular plants, and a common symbol of happiness and nature, is the bright and beautiful sunflower. Sunflowers are perfectly suited to hot climates and bring a bright touch of yellow colour to your garden. 

Geraniums are a bright flowering plant that are commonly displayed in pots on balconies. Geraniums grow well in hot climates, but need to be watered regularly to stay hydrated. One popular tip for watering plants that are placed directly in sunlight, such as on a balcony, is to water them during the cooler hours of the day, such as in the early evening. This is to ensure that the water does not simply evaporate in the hot sun.