The essential 5 documents for every project

The essential 5 documents for every project
During the past 12 years we have found that the following 5 documents are essential in every project, allowing for easy management and successful completion of any project.

Detailed Quotation:               

It is vital when approaching contractors for quotations on work required, to request a detailed quote. Referring to a bill of quantity. You as the client have the right to know how much building material your project needs for completion. This also allows for complete transparency for both parties, the client and the contractor.  

Building Contract:                   

It doesn’t really matter whether you are using a JBCC building contract or a building contract drawn up by a qualified attorney, as long as both parties has entered into a written agreement. The agreement is what guides and sets out what is expected from both parties.

Project plan:                             

A project plan is a very useful tool to manage the project progress, resources needed to complete any specific phase of the project and when payments are due. It is advisable that both parties sit together to sign off on the new project plan. This will allow that both parties are able to work through the project plan and raise any questions or concerns.  It’s also very important that the project plan gets updated on a weekly basis as unforeseen problems happens on any site. A weekly updated plan will clearly manage any future expectations on the project.

Variation Order:                      

A variation order is a document that attends to any unforeseen extras on a project. This document will normally accompany a written qoutation on any extras that is required. It’s a short one page binding document where the client signs off and gives the contractor the go ahead on the extras.  

All risk building insurance:   

Make sure that the appointed contractor has a all-risk building insurance policy in place and is able to deliver a copy of the policy certificate. This policy is what protects both parties against theft on site or any malicious damage that may happen.


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